Notes 812-823

  • Republic of Korea- before the Korean war in 1948 the United States sponsored a democratic nation
  • People's Democratic Republic of Korea- north of the Republic of Korea, the Soviets established this nation after the Korean War
  • Korean War- a series of battles during the Cold War between the U.S. and USSR- the north attacked the South in 1950- and eventually the war came to a stalemate in 1953
  • after the 1950s there was an economic boom in Japan
  • by 1983 their GNP equaled the combined totals of China, both Koreas, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Australia, and Brazil
  • Japan became one of the top two or three economic powers in the world
  • Japan tried to stop outside influence from reaching their nation
  • Hong Kong became a major world port and became part of China in the 1990s