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The Dawn of the Industrial Age

The Big Changes:
Improvements in agriculture supported the industrialization process. The factory system changed many aspects of life. Child labor was used early on in the process of industrialization. Industrialization started the growth of cities, which caused the formation of urban slums and machine-driven labor conditions. The industrialization process changed politics. New middle class groups were formed. Industrialization was an attempt at using cheap raw materials to make goods. The slave trade played a big role along with serfdom until the early 19th century.
The feudal system had been abolished. These changes came along with the invention of new traditions. Industries were here to stay. Other countries had to respond somehow to these major changes in Europe. The Japanese adapted to facilitate industrialization. The expansion of Russian literacy created opportunities in the West.
The Industrial Revolution transformed leisure. With time leisure had become more accepted because of technological advancements. These advancements gave people more time during the day. Movies became super popular in the 1920s and still dominate the world today.

Atlantic Revolutions
Industrialization and Imperialism
Civilizations in Decline
Russia, Japan, and the West