Triggers for Change
The two world wars can be looked at as European civil wars that caused much economic, political, and demographic loss in many nations. The collapse of European imperial dominance and decolonization became a trigger for change to come. Technological innovation changed the world. Population growth also became a defining factor in what was going on the modern world. Populations were increasing greatly in many nations.
The Big Changes
Aristocracies were becoming a thing of the past as new world orders were taking shape. New forms of government were becoming contagious and many nations held revolutions in order to create a new government for themselves. China had become a global manufacturer. Immigration began to rise. Opportunities for women began to open up.
Men were still receiving more and better educations than women. Nations continued to expand in commercial products and the openness to foreign trade by each nation expanded as well.

20th Century Nationalism
The West
Russia and China 1914 - Present
Japan and the Pacific Rim
Middle East
Latin America